martes, 7 de junio de 2011


Our talk has been useless
Nothing has changed how I feel about you and about myself
You said :'you're beautiful'
So what?
You don't even dare to look at me
You said: 'you're intelligent'
Then that isn't relevant in this love trade
You said: 'you're very special'
So it seems that everybody looks for ordinary girls
And what's left for me?
I don't like to cling to the past
Nothing is special about you and I still love you
Maybe that's the reason why there's no reciprocity
I'm too good to be loved...
I can't help feeling a rejection of that idea
No, I'm not beautiful
No, I'm not intelligent
No, nothing makes me special
I'm just a girl trying to understand
Understand you, understand myself, understand the world
But I have to pretend that I'm strong
That emotions don't confuse me
I can't give a shit about everything
I long to support you, to heal your wounds
I don't mind whether you're not sure about your goals
I'm here to listen to your doubts
I can resist, but I'm not a fool
I need someone to care about me, too
And if you aren't the one, I won't wait
Love has nothing to do with pity

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